My husband and I were at Charles Town Casino this evening, we had the pleasure of listening to your group, and you are fabulous. I own a restaurant in Howard County, MD. What are your rates on a regular evening for 4 hours and also what are your rates for New Years Eve? We couldn't tear ourselves away to play the slots. We have not heard anyone like your group in a very long time. We both just loved your music, songs and show. When will you be playing at Charles Town again and what time do you start.
~Sincerely Janet Jenkins

Hi! I saw your band at Charles Town Casino and thoroughly enjoyed it. Would like to know where I could see you in a club setting. Belinda, your voice is awesome.
Thanks for an enjoyable evening.

Wheweeeyyyyyy!! What a dy-no-mite version of Denise LaSalle's classic. You know, the cardinal rule of covers is do it different or better. Whatever you did, I likes' it...I'll be adding it to the rotation on my Live365 show....
Y'all take care,
~Butch Halpin
Carolina Sounds Beach Show

My name is Danny Kimrey and I am a member of the association of Beach Music Shag Club DJ's. Just wanted to let you know I think Belinda does a jam up job on the tune 'Trapped by a thing called love' and I will be happy to play it at every opportunity that I can. Thanks for letting Craig have the music to send to me.
~Danny Kimrey - Albermarle, NC

Hey Ellen!

I still can't believe what I saw happen at the Pirate's Cove to such a great bunch of people, SUBWAY, their families and groupies.(Of course I had to included Edith and myself) The devil may have gone down to Georgia but SUBWAY sent a tidal wave of excitement through Myrtle Beach! YOU GUYS (including Heather) were HOT! HOT! HOT!

When Terry was telling everybody that they all had day jobs and only did the band part-time, I heard some man in the audience, not too far from where I was, shout "I'll fix that." I couldn't stop smiling watching it unfold.

Well, I just wanted you to know how happy I am for all of you. It couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of people.

Hey Terry,

Subway is fabulous!! We had them for our hospital employee picnic and everyone of all ages loved them. They're full of energy and play fantastic music! We'll definitely have them back.

~Paige Johnson, Thomas Memorial Hospital in South Charleston, WV


This will be on my site by Thursday...Best of Luck!! Thanks for sending me the CD......Butch

You Can Leave Your Hat On Subway

From Morgantown, West Virginia, Subway plays soul and blues like they were born playing it. I caught part of their performance one year at the CBMA's and was impressed. There are 14 tracks here and I am sure you can find something that you will like. Being the Denise LaSalle fan I am, I was immediately drawn to "Trapped By A Thing Called Love" and was not disappointed. A good quick steppin' shag cut is "One Man's Woman". I really like the guitar and B-3 on "Can't Stop Now Lookin' For my Baby". Another "good 'un" is "Run and Tell That" that has some great sax blowin' featured. This isn't your typical "beach music" CD, but rather good ol' Boogie and Soul CD, and the fact that there are 14 tracks and some are "shag-worthy" doesn't hurt any.

~Butch Halpin, Carolina Sounds Beach Show

Your time has come!!! This band is destined to make it big!! You all love the nusic you're sharing with the crowds and it shows and is felt by everyone!!! Don't lose that when the big break comes and it will!! Remember how it feels right now when you are on stage-the fun and joy you are having and don't let anyone take that away from you because that is what makes you so loved by the crowds you play for!!! The talent you have is tremendous-Each of you have so much talent-and the combination is totally awesome!!! Thank you for the experience of hearing your music!!! Please please come back to the beach soon!! Your website is great but please post all of your club dates no matter where they are- You will be surprised to see how many folks from the beach area would love to travel to see you!!

Dear Terry,

Thank you for your contribution to the "Support the Troops" Benefit Dance that was held at Lakeview on June 6th. The support from our community was wonderful and we are sincerely greatful for your willingness and generosity to support this charitable project. Your donation was deeply appreciated.
~Janet Everly, Ann Devine-King


We just wanted to thank Subway for the great show on Saturday night. You guys and gal made the wedding. We look forward to working with you again. Thank you for an outstanding night.
~Dan & Tyler Bateman

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